Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend in Review

The internet at my apartment wasn't working this weekend (which is not an easy thing for me, come to find out) -- and so here are some highlights from a couple of pretty mellow days::

#1. Food by Phone:

Not to lead off too strong after saying my weekend was low-key, but Food by Phone might have changed my life.

365 days a year from 10:30am to 10:30pm you can have food delivered to you within one hour from over 80 restaurants. This has honestly blown my mind. I realize this is probably common in all metropolitan areas.. but it's new to me.. and it's amazing.

On Saturday I ordered a mushroom quesadilla, brownie, and diet coke from a Mexican restaurant that I like, and having it appear at my doorstep was basically like magic. They also deliver wine, beer, magazines, and dvds. Delivery costs about $3.

#2. Khlong boats:

Bangkok has canals going through it (khlongs), and there are khlong boats used as public transport that I used for the first time this weekend.

I was proud of myself when I used the taxis on the river for the first time -- and the khlong taxis are even more confusing/intimidating since there's really no English signage - and often not even any Thai signage for me to puzzle at.

The drivers also don't always slow all the way down to let people on & off, and the people collecting money wear helmets - making this probably the best form of transport in town.

#3. Koh Samet

This is actually my big news for the week.. I'm planning on going to Koh Samet -- an island that I'm told is really pretty -- with some folks next weekend, and so obviously I'm reallyreally excited about that.

Alright -- I'm happy to have the internet again, and I hope everyone's weeks are starting out well (..and that all of your food-delivery dreams also come true).


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