Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Damn it feels good to be American

I've always been very proud to be an American --- but never this proud.

I've never considered putting an American flag in my room - but I might.

I'm just so proud of the American people for moving forward, demanding change, and creating history. Absolutely thrilling.

When I went outside the campus to jump up and down, cry a little etc (I got in trouble for being too outspoken earlier this week.. I'm learning..) a couple of guys came over to see if they couldn't sell me a motorbike ride and/or check if I was having a total meltdown.

I told them that Barack Obama had just been declared the next president of the America. They looked bored - said they figured this would happen - and double-checked to see if I might want a ride.. "only 10 baht?"

It might not have been thousands of people screaming and crying together - but I was at least glad that they assumed Americans would put Obama in office.

What an amazing moment for America, and what a wonderful opportunity for progress, hard work, and growth. yeahyeahyeahyeah!!!

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