Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bangkok, Thailand: Kind of Like an All-Girls School

So I realized that I hadn’t mentioned something on here that is pertinent to my daily life here in BKK: pretty much all of my friends and the important people in my life here are women (save Dad).

This was driven home last night when I went to see a production of the Vagina Monologues that my friend produced/ directed, and two of my friends performed in wonderfully. Here’s a photo of the cast…

A group of 15 of us bought tickets, and save for a fiance here, and a back-packing guy there – it was the normal gaggle of girls that I really love spending time with. And they’re totally great.

I’m surrounded by really strong, smart, funny women, and soso grateful for that.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

They didn't cover this on CNN

So between the news and the interweb - I feel like I get most of the information that I need.... BUT! I didn't know Ben & Jerry's has a new flavor?!

Who's tried it??

I love you all even if you haven't been keeping me up-to-date on all the ice cream news fit to print.

However, if Ben & Jerry's brings back White Russian please send me a telegram at school. You know the kind STOP Western Union style STOP It's that important STOP

Love END

Monday, February 16, 2009

le virtuel anniversaire du Ashley

So I sincerely miss being able to spend February 16th with the Bermudian-Wonder Ashley Elizabeth Miller. To make up for the thousands of miles, and tootoo many time zones -- I've opted to throw a-money an e-party this year, and you're all cordially invited to Ashley's straight-outta-Asia birthday extravaganza. So glad you could all make it!

The party is happening here:

Because really... if you're having an imaginary b-day party -- it might as well be at a freaking castle. And there should also probs be a lot of balloons.

Once we get settled we can all head out back to catch up on what's been going on in our lives:

aaaaand we should probably have some drinks while doing this:

Alright, now that we're all a bit jolly, I think it's time for some cake:

Yum. That was delicious.

hmmm... after some serious thought -- I've decided that this party should be a weekend event --- so once the evening festivities have devolved into what they will...

... we can wake up to - WHAT'S THIS?? - a freshly delivered breakfast from the Flying Biscuit:

That apple butter just doesn't stop being delightful.

Hold up.. those clever Southerners even thought ahead and brought the morning's paper for Will:

.. and yes. That is actually Will.

Once everyone is ready to take on the day we can head to the beach in a little fleet of these guys --

-- because I think it's the only car I've ever seen with wicker seats.

And since it is the island-gal's day, go for a sail if we're so inclined:

From the looks of this pic we might have to go to the Mediterranean? But apparently there's wine on the boat for us - so that's nice.

Oh! And hopefully at some point in time we will have been able to incorporate these sweet pinatas into the festivities:

whew! What. A. Bash. One for the books! Not sure how this one is going to be topped...

Happy birthday Ashley!!

And lots of love to everyone,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

well... this got awkward.

So in one of my classes the girls have developed this strange habit of walking up to me, rubbing my stomach and saying "BABY!"

This makes me extremely uncomfortable on a number of levels - and usually I say something like "umm.. no baby. Please don't do that" - but unfortunately my protests have not stopped this somewhat disturbing pattern.

On some level I thought the girls understood that - in truth - I was not actually with child... until yesterday when one of the girls walked up during class to give me this:

That's right. It's a baby rattle. These girls are even telling their parents that I'm pregnant and I am now getting gifts for my
(thankfully!) non-existent child.

Love to you all,
Mama Paige

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chiang Mai!

so.. clearly I haven't been so good about posting. Took me awhile to get back into my patterns after vacation !!BUT!! I'm on the verge of being better about e-mailing and all of those good things!

On to more exciting things with pictures involved.

Went to Chiang Mai this weekend. The temperature was much cooler, and it's so mellow compared to Bangkok that being there for 2 days felt more like 4 or 5.

Here's Rachel and I on the way up in the train:

The train left on Friday night at 10pm and got in about 11am Saturday. We had second class sleeper bunks with no AC -- which actually ended up being ideal because then we could have the windows open and the car didn't get stuffy or smelly or anything. It was also great the next morning because we got to see the mountains and plenty of green jungle goodness. Loved it.

Here's a Chiang Mai street shot:

... not particularly interesting or a particularly good example of the streets... but... please notice that it is not packed with cars and there are no skyscrapers. That's probably why I felt the need to document it. Rachel and I rented bikes on Saturday and just pedaled along visiting temples, and being really excited that we weren't fearing for our lives during said activity.

Here's me enjoying pineapple at the bottom of the steps at Doi Suthep:

Doi Suthep is the name of a mountain, and at the top of the mountain there is a temple - Wat Phratat. The legend is that a white elephant was released into the jungle carrying part of Buddha's shoulder bone with him (there's more background to this story than I'm giving you) and he climbed up Doi Suthep and died there at the top.

The temple was hopping on Sunday with lots of visitors making offerings. The temple is also supposed to offer a good view of Chiang Mai, but it was pretty cloudy:

There was a long row of prayer bells which I thought were really neat:

And then one special bell:

And lots of general temples goings-ons -- including some maitenance work on the chedi:

So yeah. Really great weekend. Came back feeling very rested, and it was a good reminder that I should definitely leave the city once a month.

Love to you all, and I really will be better about posting!