about me

Well, first of all - if you're interested enough to read an about me about me - thank you.

My name is Paige, and I love farms, boats, napping in the sun, and fresh OJ.

I've been a kayak guide on Cape Poge, deckhand on a tall ship, teacher in Thailand, radio DJ for mvyradio, and the manager of a B&B. I've worked on a sheep and goat farm, at a Chicago style hot dog place, as a breakfast cook and at a lighthouse. It seems shallow to let my jobs define me, but... meh. For now that's good enough start.

This past growing season I was an intern at Appalachia Star Farm in Nelson County, VA - and the more I do it and the more I learn about it, the more I think that farming just might be it. I'm working on finding the best way for me to personally combine education and agriculture, and hopefully make a career out of it. I'm looking at this from the marathon point-of-view rather than from the sprint perspective. Hopefully piecing it together slowly will give me plenty of opportunities to stockpile the skills and knowledge necessary for success in both fields.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you again for reading!