Monday, November 3, 2008

Positive Posts Only

So today is the first day that I would really like to write about an experience that was difficult here in Thailand - partly because of cultural differences, and partly because sometimes things are just difficult - but.. since this is the world wide web -- I will not.

Instead I will post this sweet picture of a pumpkin..

..and let you guys know that I had a very good weekend (really. not just blowing around sunshine because I'm realizing I can't be too critical on here.)

Dressed up as a witch and went to a pub with another American, a couple of awesome Danish girls and a few Israeli guys. We also met up with a really cool Irish girl and her Canadian boyfriend -- it was kind of like a very festively dressed mini-UN.

Saturday night a friend of mine and I went and bought tickets to go see DJ Shadow -- which is really exciting -- and we walked around Khao San Road for the first time -- which gave me insight into why backpackers usually aren't too impressed with Bangkok.

Dad also got me these sweet lamps --

which are a huge quality of life improvement - and so now I no longer feel like I am going to wilt under flourescent lights. Which is great.

Send me updates on your Halloweens, and I hope things are good with everyone!


(and really.. all that being positive did actually make me feel better - go figure.)


  1. On my Halloween I saw 2 good friends I hadn't seen since high school graduation. How cool is that?

  2. where are pictures of you on halloween??