Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exciting Realization

First of all, I would like to share that I am not the only person on my street having a slow-paced weekend. I caught this guy snoozing down my road:


Also - I realize that I have not posted many pictures of my face on this here blog. I still haven't learned to say "Can you take my picture" in Thai, and am apparently not used to saying it in English.. working on it.

So here's me, and please pay special attention to this dress (and pardon the red-eye):

.. I bought this dress last year for maybe $15, and for some reason it is one of my absolute favorite items of clothing. With all the hubbub getting used to it here I had not worn it yet and realized that it was - in fact - the perfect dress for this climate.

For the past two summers every time I put it on (which seemed like basically every weekend when going to the beach) I would think to myself.. wow... I really wish I had this dress in about 5 different colors.

And then this morning I realized..(drum roll...) I can!

A lot of the expat women here are very into having tailor-made clothing here because it's reasonably priced, and sometimes hard to find clothes for Western body types.

So now I'm on a fabric hunt to try to make a couple of copies of this dress. funfun.

Love you all!

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