Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Month Anniversary

Bangkok and I have now been seeing each other for two months. To celebrate this landmark in our relationship I'm going to go and see House Bunny with a friend, and stay away from the demonstrations...

You might be hearing about the protests in Bangkok.. If not... there were four explosions at Bangkok's two big airports this morning, and thousands of protesters there yesterday. Anti-government protesters don't want to let the Prime Minister back into the country.

Thousands of protesters have also been gathering near the Parliament building.. so we'll see what happens. There was a bloodless coup in 2006 -- the military stepped in and forced the former Prime Minister out of power. Currently they are saying they will not do that again.

I feel safe though, and have enough people keeping me up to date about when not to worry - so I'm not sure they'll tell me when I should worry.

Love to you all,

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