Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hostess with... at least something to offer.

So I haven't exactly reached "Mostess" status yet -- but yesterday was my first attempt at playing tour-guide here in Bangkok, and it wasn't a total bust.

A friend from Emory came through Bangkok just for the night, and so we went to dinner at a place I like near my apartment and then to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

Since I'd never actually been to the night bazaar I didn't know what exactly to expect -- but was psyched to find a beer garden that was about 200 yards x 50 yards, and had a huge stage that had a rotating cast of about 5 singers who all sang with the same back-up band.

The outfits were pretty amazing: one of the guys was going for a Thai Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl character. obvs), one of the girls had a fur lined jacket on ("winter" is approaching), and one of the girls had some sort of western theme she was working with. While they were singing there was also a 10 foot screen behind them playing soccer matches. It was pretty delightful.

I couldn't talk Rob into buying anything besides DVDs - but he did well for himself bartering.

I didn't take any pics, but here are a couple courtesy of other folks:

By the time all of you visit I should be a pro. Don't worry.

love to you all!

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