Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to the World, Asparagus! (...asparagus beetles feel free to leave at any time.)

The Asparagus has started shooting up, and is looking pretty delicious:

Above: Kathryn with this morning's asparagus yield.

The asparagus should be good for the eating for about the next 10 weeks.

Also springing out of winter hibernation, the asparagus beetle:

Not nearly as yummy steamed as the stalks they feed on. If you see one near you, go ahead and squish it.

The flowers on the Red Buds (Circis Canadensis) are also blooming, and it's such a great contrast to see the smattering of purple against the lime green that's crawling up the mountains:

Other happenings the past couple of days: planting a few rows of kale and a row of salad greens, weeding the spinach and radishes.

Happy Wednesday!

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