Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bluenose II Rebuild

Word on the wooden boat circuit is that Bluenose II is being rebuilt this winter, and, well - it's true.

You can watch the rebuild from webcams that have three different angles on the project here, here, and here.

The province of Nova Scotia is funding a 14.4 million (Canadian?) dollar construction project with 3 shipyards collaborating to get the job done.

I know that 14.4 million dollars is a lot of dollars. And there are a lot of ways to spend that money, but I'm proud of Nova Scotia for providing the funding and jobs and keeping the boat alive.

Bluenose II's homeport is Lunenberg, and she is a replica of the original Bluenose which was built in 1921 as a fishing and racing vessel. Bluenose was built after Esperanto out of Gloucester defeated the Nova Scotian schooner Delawana for the International Fisherman's Trophy. Bluenose held the trophy for the next 17 years.

Way to spend some cash money, Nova Scotia.


  1. From where will they get the materials [wood] to rebuild this vessel

  2. You can view the rebuilt LIVE at