Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beets are the Rockstar of the Vegetable World

I came to this conclusion yesterday afternoon while transplanting beets. And it's not just because it's a crafty homophone paired up with a musical word... although that certainly doesn't hurt.

My beet-as-a-rockstar claim is based largely on these two points:

#1 - The band The Beets from the Nickelodeon show Doug and their cartoon smash hit "Killer Tofu" :::

.. also worth noting that you can get your Beets gear right here. You can layer it with a Camp Annawanna t-shirt and be the 4pm-5pm Nick-Kids lineup from 1994.

#2 - Beets' role in Jitterbug Perfume.

Michael and I were talking about Tom Robbins yesterday, and he was even saying that Tom Robbins started writing fiction after seeing The Doors live. Jim Morrison --> Beet as Muse. Badda-bing.

But there's more to the beet that just it's pop-culture standing. It's Latin name, Beta Vulgaris, gives some hint to it - it's just a sexy vegetable full of intrigue and high levels of anti-carcinogens. It can also sometimes turn your pee pink. I tried, but I couldn't quite come up with the rock-n-roll tie-in for that one.

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