Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The King at the Movies

So before every film shown at a movie theater here in Thailand there is a two-minute video about the King. Everybody puts down their popcorn, stands-up, focuses on King Bhumibol and listens to the Royal Thai Anthem.

The people of Thailand LOVE their King, and there are pictures of him everywhere in the city: on billboards, on the sides of huge buildings, in 8.5x11 photos in most small businesses.. all over the place

Disrespecting the King in any way is considered hugely unacceptable, and punishable with a jail sentence. He's done a lot to earn such respect, and it's interesting to see the different ways Thai people make efforts to honor him and show their appreciation.

So with that intro, I give you the new pre-movie tribute to the King. [..and in keeping with a totally different Thai movie tradition - this is a bootleg version.]

Delightful, no?

As far as I go, the second day of school was a little rockier than the first - my voice was even worse, and so there was a lot of miming, smiling, and a good bit of confusion. Just giving myself ample room for improvement, ha.

Love to you all!

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