Monday, October 13, 2008

Chatuchak Market

Went to Chatuchak Market (which is alternatively called Jatujak or JJ market) -- and I think I might have to make it a weekly trip while I'm getting settled.

The market covers 35 acres, and can hold up to 15,000 vendor stalls. You can buy anything from a pet iguana to patio furniture, and there are just thousands and thousands of people there. I found a quilt for my bed that has little elephants sewn all over it, and some lights and other things for my room.

I went with another girl who I've met, and is really nice - and it was definitely helpful to have someone else there so that it wasn't completely overwhelming.

Here are a couple of pics and my new bedspread:

After a couple of years not being able to afford much on the island it's kind of weird, to be somewhere that I can buy a skirt or a mug for $3 - and also kind of fun (even for a non-very-big shopper).

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