Monday, February 16, 2009

le virtuel anniversaire du Ashley

So I sincerely miss being able to spend February 16th with the Bermudian-Wonder Ashley Elizabeth Miller. To make up for the thousands of miles, and tootoo many time zones -- I've opted to throw a-money an e-party this year, and you're all cordially invited to Ashley's straight-outta-Asia birthday extravaganza. So glad you could all make it!

The party is happening here:

Because really... if you're having an imaginary b-day party -- it might as well be at a freaking castle. And there should also probs be a lot of balloons.

Once we get settled we can all head out back to catch up on what's been going on in our lives:

aaaaand we should probably have some drinks while doing this:

Alright, now that we're all a bit jolly, I think it's time for some cake:

Yum. That was delicious.

hmmm... after some serious thought -- I've decided that this party should be a weekend event --- so once the evening festivities have devolved into what they will...

... we can wake up to - WHAT'S THIS?? - a freshly delivered breakfast from the Flying Biscuit:

That apple butter just doesn't stop being delightful.

Hold up.. those clever Southerners even thought ahead and brought the morning's paper for Will:

.. and yes. That is actually Will.

Once everyone is ready to take on the day we can head to the beach in a little fleet of these guys --

-- because I think it's the only car I've ever seen with wicker seats.

And since it is the island-gal's day, go for a sail if we're so inclined:

From the looks of this pic we might have to go to the Mediterranean? But apparently there's wine on the boat for us - so that's nice.

Oh! And hopefully at some point in time we will have been able to incorporate these sweet pinatas into the festivities:

whew! What. A. Bash. One for the books! Not sure how this one is going to be topped...

Happy birthday Ashley!!

And lots of love to everyone,


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  2. You're the best!!! I saw and caught up with Sandman in Ann Arbor a couple of weeks ago. He was fantastic, as per usual. Hope you are enjoying Thailand.


  3. Making my quarter-century feel so technologically advanced!

  4. THAT WAS THE BEST PARTY I'VE EVER BEEN TO!! Followed closely by those held at 1936 N. Decatur circa 2004 and 466 Burlington Road ca. 2006. Those were pretty epic. You are my birthday party hero! I love you so!