Thursday, February 23, 2012

Xtreme Lawn Games

There was snow on the ground in Charlottesville earlier this week - which I totally support - but which also brought to mind some lawn games I'm crushing on :::

First up: Lawn Jenga

One of my roommates expressed a very legitimate concern about the safety of this game. I can't really speak to that. But I can speak to how awesome it seems. I think it might require a rubber mallet and possibly a ladder. Perhaps not having a ladder would be a built-in control/ safety precaution? Regardless, as someone with a pre-existing height handicap, I'm pro-ladder.

And now onto: Backyard Scrabble

Especially appealing to the far-sighted, backyard scrabble takes words with friends back where it should be: oversized, outside, and requiring you to do your own math. Supersized dictionary not included.

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