Sunday, August 1, 2010

oh, hello!

so... remember when I used to post things here? haha, yeah. me neither.

Things on the farm are going really well - but also quite busy, hence the drop-off with this here blog. I think my new goal is to have at a least a post every Monday morning.

There was some crazy hot weather for a bit, but there was also some crazy cold weather this winter, and so I guess it needed to be balanced out? Or global warming? Mother Earth having hot flashes? God letting us know what we might be in for?

ohhh, vengeful theories. Can't get enough of 'em. But anyway, it was hot. And now it's not nearly as hot. So that's pretty great.

I took some nice pictures at the Nelson County Farmer's Market yesterday, but I can't find my camera cord; so how about a movie recommendation instead?

City Island starring Andy Garcia. Best enjoyed during 100+ degree weather in full blast air conditioning. Or really probably any time that you want to watch an excellent movie.

Lots of love,

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