Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday King Bhumibol!

Today is the King's birthday -- it's also Thai Father's Day. Or Father's Day was yesterday. I couldn't really get a straight answer on that one.

In honor of HM's B-day I'm posting my favorite picture of him to date (... and even in just two months I think I've seen hundreds...)

That's right... it's Elvis pointing something out to the Queen and Priscilla being ignored on the far right. The King seeems to be pretty at ease wearing his sunglasses at night. Kudos to Megan for introducing me to this gem... and speaking of Megan and birthdays --- yesterday was also her birthday too (happyhappy!!), and so I might have to steal some of her pics from our goings-ons to post.

Love to you all and happy weekend!

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