Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gary Nabhan Speaking at UVA Tomorrow

Ready to go hear a lecture from an inspiring, seed-saving conservation biologist? Me, too.

Gary Paul Nabhan ... has been called “the father of the local food movement” by Mother Earth News. Gary is also an orchard-keeper, wild forager and Ecumenical Franciscan brother in his hometown of Patagonia, Arizona near the Mexican border. more.

Wondering what an "Ecumenical Franciscan" is? Funny you should ask: a body of Christians who maintain a devotion to Sts. Francis and Clare and their interpretation of the gospel life. source.

Nabhan is the author of 24 books, his most recent being Chasing Chiles - Hot Spots Along the Pepper Trail::

I haven't read it yet, but this guy has:

A treasure trove of chile lore and a wake-up call to everyone who cares about real food, Chasing Chiles will amuse and alarm you. These three gastronauts carry a wealth of culinary and botanical knowledge, and their journeys in their Spice Ship uncover an incredibly diverse world of chiles that is changing with breathtaking speed. Stop worrying about the impact of climate change on future harvests; cross your fingers for this year’s instead.

-Rowan Jacobsen , author of American Terroir and Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis

And on that foreboding (and hopefully reversible) note, here are the details: his talk at UVA will be tomorrow, March 3rd at 5pm in Lecture Hall 160, Campbell Hall, School of Architecture (near Culbreth Theater, off Rugby Rd). Parking available at nearby Newcomb Hall. Poster for event here.

Hope to see you there!
ps-it's free.

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