Monday, May 10, 2010

Farm Happenings: Tomatoes and Bees

Well, for starters – I (for the billionth time) re-learned an important lesson: if I want to remember what has been going on – I really need to write it down.

Here’s what I can remember from this past week: transplanting 27 kinds of tomatoes including 13 heirloom varieties, 9 cherry varieties, and the remaining hybrids; weeding the asparagus; spotting the 2nd planting of tomatoes; learning how to use the irrigation system since it’s awfully dry in central Virginia right now; seeding watermelon (yesss); congratulating Kona the cat on catching a mouse; selling spinach, lettuce, radishes, asparagus, tatsoi, mizuna, and kale at the market while not being blown away by the impressively breezy Saturday; witnessing a bee swarm.

wait. what? bee swarm? that’s right. It was awesome. The hive that had been on the farm for the past two years didn't make it, but some bee hive in the area must have needed an upgraded home, because around lunchtime 2 Fridays ago there were hundreds and hundreds of bees milling around, following their queen, and waiting to get to work on their new home.

More info on swarms here.

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