Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh heyyy, America

So I got into Grammie's on Saturday, and had a good few days with her, the twins, and Ollie. Got all of the pre-employment logistics out of the way (with HUGE help from Michelle who took me to get my criminal record printed out after Grammie and I had spent the better part of a morning trying to figure out how I could get to the state police's office without a $100 cab ride), and then went down to Boston to visit with some wonderful people there.

Since I was pretty warmed up from my usmile experience, we posed for pictures:::

The top photo is Ayanna,Casey, me and Holly -- and then the bottom photo is Rob, me and Rachel (Rob is from MV, and went to Emory; Rachel is my friend whose boat I lived on two summers back).

I also got to see Julia, Whitney, Zach, Tonelli, and Chloe -- and it was really great to hear about what everyone is up to.

So now I'm staying with my friend Meredith, and probably leaving on the boat Sunday or Monday. She's dog-sitting right now, and we're staying at a really great house with a very pretty field in the backyard::

some flowers to prove it's spring::

and a very endearing heart-rock collection --

I'm so happy to be back, and feel very at home even though I'm camping at other peoples places right now -- but obviously I do miss Thailand, and especially the people there mak mak.

Love to you all,

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