Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Redux: Pai

Hellooo loved ones!

Hope you're all wonderful, and that April is starting well.

Had a REALLY great week in northern Thailand and Laos. I'll take a few days of posting pics to go over it.

The trip started on a train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and the only photos I have from the train ride were taken right after our table collapsed and our drinks spilled all over Alanna (and then created a river down the train car).

As having cleaning supplies readily accessible is not a top priority on trains, our lovely kathoey train attendant Natalie helped us clean up our mess with toilet paper posthaste.

Here are Rachel and Alanna after the cleaning was done:

We got into Chiang Mai, and met up with Meg and Costa. We had a tasty lunch at a juice bar/ organic sandwich shop, and then got on a mini-bus to get to Pai.

The ride to Pai was through the mountains, and very green, winding and pretty.

Pai is a backpackers haven, and very geared towards things foreigners might want/ will buy (eg: hamburgers, lots of fruit shakes, motorbikes, bars that play exclusively Bob Marley and Jack Johnson).

We decided to give motorbikes a go:

And three incidents, and one flat tire later - we were still all able to walk away from the experience.

We also found a music festival:

and played some balloon darts:

I should mention that Pai is beautiful. I should also mention that all of these photos were taken by Meg.

Pai was soso great, and unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Costa who went back to Austria...

...and also to Meg, who left for a month in the US on Monday -- but not before she won the Only Member of Trip Competent Enough on a Motorbike that She Should Consider Investing in a Vespa Award.

Love to you all and please visit Pai when you come to Thailand!

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