Thursday, November 6, 2008

DJ Shadow was awesome/ still really glad to be an American.

So the DJ Shadow show was great. Really fun, really loud, really a lot of music I had never heard before. I guess he was only playing beats he had made himself, and then all of these old funk vinyl albums. So whereas usually he has like 8 turntables up with him - he only had 2. If it sounds like I know what I'm talking about.. I'm misleading you.. he said all that at the beginning of his set. (After leading a "Yes we did!" chant -- so I did end up being around a ton of people screaming for Obama afterall!)

Vying closely with the music for the evening's entertainment however, was the fact that this was my first brush with the intense Thai hipster scene. This may just be a knee-jerk reaction, but I have to say that from the outset Thai hipsters tend to look way cooler than American hipsters.

I don't know if it's because I don't recognize the look of Thai angst the way that I recognize American angst -- so that on the whole they tend to look a good bit happier -- or if it's the fact that they look better in bright colors... but take for example the girl on the far right:

flannel and Malcolm X glasses. nice.

This photo is also courtesy of a "bangkok lifestyle" website that posted a picture of a friend of mine last night and the somehow managed to let her know they had done so this morning. I haven't figured out how they did that yet - but I was also very impressed by that.

Alright, bedtime. Love to you all! Happy Friday!


  1. Paige, may I suggest that the Vineyard hipster scene may have jaded you a bit? Just a thought...XOOXOXOOXOO. (ps - in the new apartment, furniture did not arrive, it's kind of like urban camping and I welcomed it with pumpkin beer. miss you)

  2. haha - point so taken. I hope the foosball table is liking its new home! ..and now I'm going to go email you.