Friday, October 24, 2008

Notes on Blogging

So there have been a few questions about blogging in general -- and why I'm using this format in addition to e-mailing.

Some people use blogs as a way to try to make some money - have some sort of hitch that will hopefully build an audience, and then get some sponsors... but right now I'm not doing that.

Really this is just another way to stay connected with you guys: my family and friends. Some of it is going to be about my new experiences in Thailand, and then some of it is just going to be using this spot as a repository for things or ideas that I like. Most of you probably know that I've always been a dedicated chronicler of things - and so this is just a new way of doing - and sharing - that.

I do not promise these will always be interesting (...), but it's another way for me to communicate with you guys - even if it's about mundane things. And really - sometimes mundane things are my favorite. At the least I'll probably always make my posts shorter than this one.

Today is going to be a "things I like" post:

After fully expecting to hate it, I kind of loved Lost in Translation. My big take away from the movie was that Sofia Coppola (the writer/director) must be awesome - and - after some googling I found out that - yes, in fact she is.

It should not be surprising that someone who can wear this..

..and have a baby with Thomas Mars of Phoenix would make good movies. Oh. Right. There's also the matter of her father's influence:

Way to go Sofia.

So that's another kind of blog-post to be expecting (especially when nothing uniquely Thai happens in a given day..) - we'll just see how this thing evolves, haha.

Much love!

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  1. Please keep writing about Thailand and whatever else comes to mind. And yes, Lost in Translation is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic.